How Punky Moms changed my life

Dedicated to all the Punky Moms out there and especially to all the amazing, beautiful, rad mamas I am now able to call friends! Spoiler alert…it’s you ladies who have changed my life! I love each and every one of you!!


7 years ago when I had my son I didn’t feel that there was any support networks which I fit into, baby groups didn’t do it for me, I didn’t have a friendship circle full of mummies and I didn’t do well with organised fun. With the increased use of social media, groups of people who never would have met before are getting together and forming spaces where they can feel at home.

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Love your lashes

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This is a sponsored post however all views and photos are my own.

If like me you enjoy a bit of pampering and like to look good but don’t really have the patience for making an effort or the time for a daily face then you should look into something semi permanent.

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Move over Ray-Ban there’s a new “Aviator” on the block – Bigatmo Review

Art on the nose

Aviation is not merely an industry it is a world unto itself, a lifestyle if you will;  a lifestyle with class, panache and a certain amount of swagger. They have their own style and it could give even the most die-hard fashionistas a run for their money. However this style is not just about looking good, accessories especially, play an important part in the pilots day-to-day prowess. None so important as the perfect sunglasses, and for perfect look no further than Bigatmo

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Bringing vintage style to life ! Jean Garborit Creations…the Maestro of Leather

Art on the nose

Moving on from my  Bigatmo review there is another must have accessory for the Pilots life and style…that is of course the jacket! Whether is be an Irvine, a bomber or a vintage 1920’s style coat …no fashion conscious pilot worth his salt will leave home with out one! Many styles are flattering and attractive but none so much as those by France based atelier Jean Garborit Creations!


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Alternative to mainstream – changes to men’s fashion

Over the decades Men’s fashion has at times been very staid, sedate, even boring if you will. Generally to find anything more interesting you had to look to the alternative scenes. However in recent years this has been changing and the alternative styles have been moving over to the mainstream. With a very vintage feel, men’s fashion has become more flamboyant. The long beards have made a comeback as have the 3 piece suit and Mods and Rockers looks of the 1960’s, though thankfully now without the conflicts and brawls between the two.

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Summer savings with Groupon Coupons

This is a sponsored post however all opinions are my own!

With the summer holidays fast approaching so too are the mandatory expensive days out and trying to fill the suddenly long days for bored children. I can feel my bank account getting lighter already! But fear not, with Groupon Coupons you can make it through the 6 week break without breaking in the bank.

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T I S H A--K N O W S

I personally love lipstick, and i sure own a huge collection.I wear lipstick to get over the fact that i do not wear any other makeup (aside from eye shadow).I simply can not see myself seated in front of a mirror with 120 different makeup brushes and tonnes of different foundation or whatever and trying to draw angles on my face and symmetrical lines that i successfully failed to do in my math class.Not forgetting the fact that I’m lazy and I just really love the way i look without makeup.

043cd9f8ec666288444e2ec70f249643 IF YOUR A BLUE LOVER, THESE WILL HAVE YOU DREAMING.

Some of you are wondering, how is lipstick an accessory? Well it is, it has been debated a few times but renown fashion names have said that makeup is indeed an accessory.

SO, my sad makeup life aside. Lets talk about my newest obsession that my bestfriend Laura introduced…

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Father’s Day Present Round Up

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad”

Anne Geddes

We all love our Dad right? We want to show him we appreciate what he’s done for us? So every year Hallmark tell us that on the 3rd Sunday of June we should do just that. Suddenly everywhere you look there are trinkets and titbits with “Best Dad” and “My Hero” plastered all over it. But is that what Dad really wants from his adult children? Does he really need another mug that declares he is a “No.1 Dad”. It is all sweet when it comes from little cherubs but once we are old enough go shopping ourselves I think we need to be a bit more original with our present giving. By the time we are in our 20’s or 30’s we should know our Dad pretty well (or at least think we do) so what kind of Dad do you have?

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Present shopping made easy

It seems these days that a month doesn’t go past which doesn’t involve buying presents for someone for some reason or another. If it isn’t a birthday then it’s a baby shower or anniversary and of course with Father’s Day being this month there is that as well.


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