Fusion brings style to the John Bunyan Centre 

Bedford Borough Council have teamed up with registered sports and leisure charity Fusion Lifestyle to bring up to date facilities to the town of Bedford. Before its official opening weekend on February 25th and 26th where locals are encouraged to come along and try out the new facilities,  I was invited to go along and take a tour to see just how much the 1 million pound refurb has really changed the look and feel of what was once John Bunyan Upper School. I think ex-pupils will be staggered by the extensive work which has bought this once dingy 1970’s school into the 21st century.

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Men are a nightmare to shop for!

With Christmas literally just around the corner (well 14 days away) I am having a mini meltdown about what to buy people. I always find the male members of my family the hardest to choose for. Woman are easy, smelly things for the bathroom, pretty things for the house, yummy treats for themselves…unlike Mel Gibson I know what women want, I do find myself asking “What do men want” though.

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Beavers FAB camp

I was really glad to be asked to write about a recent Beaver Scout camp for our District website, however having shared the link I then realised that unfortunately it had not survived the passage from my computer to the website very well. So here is the original article with out the edits made by the district website!

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Beauty can be weird

It appears that in the world of beauty the weirder the idea the better. From having your left over waste washed out of your body via a plastic tube to rubbing cream into your skin which contains snail slime…there is no depths the beautiful people wont go to ensure their beauty continues. Whether it’s the yummy mummy hoping to remain as yummy as they were before pregnancy hormones or the ageing actress fighting off the ingenues on their way up their virtual ladder, women (and men) of all ages are always looking for the next big thing which will make them sparkle.

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Discount your Christmas with Voucheroo


With Christmas fast approaching, believe me it will be here before you know it, I am always on the look out for ways to make such an expensive time of year more reasonable. Brits are expected to spend between £300 and £400 on presents this year and although that is less that previous years it is still a large amount of disposable cash to try to find! With a large family and lots of Secret Santa’s this year,  I seem to have more and more presents to buy every year without the same increase to my wages.

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Do you read reviews?


With Christmas fast approaching I am spending a lot of time searching the internet for gifts and information on certain items. My son has asked for a laptop and to be honest although I spend a lot of time on my Google Chromebook I actually have no idea about laptops. In fact I am so useless when it comes to technology that I am forbidden from buying any without consolation. I wanted to have some input in the choosing process though and came across The Sensible Review website which has reviews covering all sorts of products.

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Black Friday Halford Competition

This is a sponsored post, however all views and opinions are my own


In the last few years England has followed Americas lead with its tradition of Black Friday Deals in shops. 24 hours in which prices are slashed at many stores and online shops, resulting in billions of pounds being spent. This is the perfect time to get your Christmas shopping or just to treat yourself.

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