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T I S H A--K N O W S

I personally love lipstick, and i sure own a huge collection.I wear lipstick to get over the fact that i do not wear any other makeup (aside from eye shadow).I simply can not see myself seated in front of a mirror with 120 different makeup brushes and tonnes of different foundation or whatever and trying to draw angles on my face and symmetrical lines that i successfully failed to do in my math class.Not forgetting the fact that I’m lazy and I just really love the way i look without makeup.

043cd9f8ec666288444e2ec70f249643 IF YOUR A BLUE LOVER, THESE WILL HAVE YOU DREAMING.

Some of you are wondering, how is lipstick an accessory? Well it is, it has been debated a few times but renown fashion names have said that makeup is indeed an accessory.

SO, my sad makeup life aside. Lets talk about my newest obsession that my bestfriend Laura introduced…

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Father’s Day Present Round Up

“Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad”

Anne Geddes

We all love our Dad right? We want to show him we appreciate what he’s done for us? So every year Hallmark tell us that on the 3rd Sunday of June we should do just that. Suddenly everywhere you look there are trinkets and titbits with “Best Dad” and “My Hero” plastered all over it. But is that what Dad really wants from his adult children? Does he really need another mug that declares he is a “No.1 Dad”. It is all sweet when it comes from little cherubs but once we are old enough go shopping ourselves I think we need to be a bit more original with our present giving. By the time we are in our 20’s or 30’s we should know our Dad pretty well (or at least think we do) so what kind of Dad do you have?

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Present shopping made easy

It seems these days that a month doesn’t go past which doesn’t involve buying presents for someone for some reason or another. If it isn’t a birthday then it’s a baby shower or anniversary and of course with Father’s Day being this month there is that as well.


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Decal mad, Vulcan love and going plainsticky



Leading on from my last post about the trials and tribulations of moving house, I am now having to decorate said house. I have always been a fan of slogans and words dotted everywhere, little wooden signs that say ‘Family’ or ‘Love’, plaques with Coco Channel quotes on…that kind of thing. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered decals!!

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The Hell of Moving House


Moving house is considered one of the most stressful things you can go through in life along with getting married/divorced and giving birth. Though technically it only comes in at 28 (change in living condition) on the Social Readjustment Rating Scale devised by Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe in 1967. They clearly never had to go through what we did.

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